Westwood Deathwatch

Kurskal Secundus: Conclusion
The xenos threat is revealed, but their leader remains at large...

The Battle-Brothers of Watch-Commander Gabriel’s flagship Kill-Team pressed the assault on the rebel capitol of Primon. Faced with the overwhelming firepower of a Warhound Scout Titan, the Kill-Team heroically prevailed over the traitorous construct. Surviving its cataclysmic explosion, the Kill-Team rested and recuperated before pushing deeper into the hive city.

Once behind enemy lines, the Battle-Brothers encountered a dangerous team of Dire Avenger aspect warriors. Dogging the Kill-Team at every turn, the Eldar were eventually beaten back, with only one surviving member escaping alive. Although Wilhelm and Elyas suffered serious wounds, the Kill-Team now counts four slain aspect warriors among those purged.

The Kill-Team arrived at the main rebel command centre, where the traitorous humans were being coordinated by a mysterious Eldar commander. Upon discovery that the commander was merely a projected xenotech holofield, the Battle-Brothers attempted to interrogate the rebel officers. Although they successfully forced the rebel forces to surrender to Imperial troops, no further intelligence was gained. The Kill-Team left to rejoin Brother-Captain Lothair back at the Deathwatch command base, leaving Watch-Commander Gabriel in charge of the prisoners. As the Kill-Team left, however, a massive detonation rocked the rebel command centre where Gabriel had last been seen only moments before. Upon searching the wreckage, they found no sign of the Watch-Commander save for a few charred pieces of ceramite.

Kurskal Secundus has been secured, but the xenos involvement remains unclear, and Gabriel’s fate is unknown.

Paradiso IV: Destroy the Warboss
Death: The Fate of All Xenos

Led by Brother-Captain Lothair, newly-minted Sergeant Gregorius, Brother-Librarian Elerius, and Brothers Tairn and Lerrick assaulted the central Ork command centre. Charging into the manufactorum with their Land Raider, Lothair, Gregorius, and Elerius deployed in search of the warboss while Tairn and Lerrick defended the vehicle.

Navigating the Orky interior strained the team’s navigational skills, and the Kill-Team found itself frequently beset by Ork ambushes as they wandered the labyrinthine Ork stronghold. Brother Elerius distinguished himself with his psychic might, causing catastrophic harm to even the most powerful Ork warriors among the enemy’s number, while Lothair and Gregorius mopped up the survivors.

Upon reaching the Orky command bunker itself, the Kill-Team encountered a powerful Ork warboss, well-armed, clad in “mega-armour” and flanked by an entire squad of nobs. The fearsome potential of such adversaries would have devastated anything less than the Emperor’s Angels of Death. Librarian Elerius unleashed the full fury of untapped psychic energy within himself, discovering a reservoir of power none knew had existed until now. The nobs were obliterated in an unprecedented storm of the Emperor’s wrath made manifest. The warboss, staggered, was then struck such a blow from the psyker’s blade that the psychic impact tore the creature’s soul from the very fabric of the Warp, utterly annihilating its mind and being.

(72 pure psychic damage resulting in -34 Critical. Ouch!)

For his actions in visiting a rarely matched level of furious destruction upon the enemies of Man, and slaying the warboss in a single blow, Brother-Librarian Elerius was awarded the Imperial Laurel.

So marks the end of the Deathwatch involvement in the Paradiso IV campaign. Captain Lothair’s forces now head at full speed in His Immortal Hand to assist the battle for Kurskal Secundus.

Paradiso IV: Causeway Assault
Kill the Xenos before it can speak its lies

Brother Gregorius was tasked with securing a major assault route in preparation for encircling and destroying the Ork’s largest stronghold on Paradiso IV. Along with Brother Tairn of the Angels of Absolution and Brother Lerrick of the Mortifactors, the Kill-Team engaged an Ork counter-attack force. Brother Gregorius slew the nob leader in single combat, earning serious wounds in the process.

A crashed Thunderhawk forced Gregorius to divert Lerrick and Tairn to hold the crash site against Ork looters. Proceeding onward alone, Gregorius captured the Ork causeway defenses and then held against their attempts to retake the position for an hour, when reinforcements under the command of Brother-Captain Lothair arrived.

For his valourous actions and effective leadership, Gregorius was awarded the Iron Skull and a field promotion to the rank of Sergeant.

Kurskal Secundus: Mission 2
Death is the servant of the righteous


Kurskal Secundus: Mission 1
No man who died in service to the Emperor died in vain

The strategically-important world of Kurskal Secundus has fallen into outright rebellion. Secessionist forces have seized 80% of the planet’s resources and forced the remaining loyalists back to the bastion of Port Talia, which suffers under a brutal, unrelenting siege. The beleaguered remnants of the Storm Wardens 8th Company, loyalist PDF, and a small contingent of Adepta Sororitas have been holding the rebel forces at bay, but without supplies and reinforcements they will be overwhelmed.

Watch-Commander Gabriel has dispatched a Kill-Team to perform a critical mission in advance of Imperial reinforcements. Tasked with deploying directly to besieged city itself with only a limited supply of ammunition and equipment, the Kill-Team must acquire transportation, break out of the rebel siege, get behind enemy lines and secure the critical theatre defense array which has cut off Port Talia from the support it needs.

The Kill-Team aided the Storm Wardens with the defense of the city and used several of their bikes to race across the Shrineway Bridge. Once at the theatre defense array, they encountered a dug-in infantry company, and after a short but intensive battle dislodged the rebel troops and captured the array.

The secessionist forces deployed an entire armored company to counter-attack, and through sheer bloody-mindedness the Kill-Team repelled the assault and held their objective. Brother-Sergeant Jaerik Ghostwolf was killed after rushing to the aid of the grievously wounded Brother Invictus and engaging the enemy company’s command tank. The rebel commander was slain in personal combat with Jaerik before the Space Wolf expired of his wounds. Invictus survived his injuries and returned to the Ultramarines Chapter to be inducted into the Chapter cult as a Chaplain, before resuming his tour of duty with the Deathwatch.

The Word of Chaos
uninvited guests?

Your team is called to the war room on the grim portent. You enter to see Lord Sepheron yelling at Watch Captain Lothair and Watch Commander Gabriel.
“If we don’t take immediate action now this whole sector will burn!”
“Lord Sepheron while I understand your passion to destroy the enemies of mankind, raise your voice to me again and I will personally knock you off your high horse!” replied Gabriel.
“Brothers, maybe we should continue this conversation at a later time?” Captain Lothair says bring their attention to your team.
Both lords pause and look your team’s direction, and look back at each other and they seem to have a moment of wisdom and then they both face your team.
“Ah, welcome brothers your timing is most impeccable as always.” Says Lord Sepheron
Commander Gabriel looks at Sepheron sideways before speaking.
Gabriel’s voice grumbles “Brothers we have come to a disagreement and since your performance has been so exemplary maybe you can bring some new ideas to the table.”
Commander Gabriel, Captain Lothair and Lord Sepheron explain that several seemingly un- connected uprisings throughout the sector have come to a stalemate, and no planet is able to spare the manpower to send re-enforcement and the Imperial Guard is bogged down fighting Hive fleet Dagon.
Lord Sepheron is convinced that these uprisings are a precursor to a much larger invasion. However he is not sure from whom. The uprisings seem to have no connection what so ever as far as Lord Sepheron’s research is concerned. He is still looking.

Unidentified Xenos Contact

=][= Inquiry denied: Mission events classified; (Vermilion)
Authorization: #######

Thought for the day: A broad mind lacks focus

Iron Sons: Quest for the Forge Tools


Kill-team, led by Iron Sons Valkamael and Marcus, dispatched to investigate missing forge equipment. Unknown Eldar encountered aboard derelict spacecraft, indicate Theta 817-II as likely location.

Kill-team proceeded to Theta 817-II. Several close encounters with death-world environs. Surviving members of 83rd Catachan encountered on surface. Hostile xenos lifeforms encountered and destroyed. Forge tools located in subterranean caves, guarded by Eldar Aspect Warriors. Exarch offers deal: Wait one day, and have forge tools without confrontation. After much debate, Kill-team agrees to deal. Forge tools recovered intact.

Meanwhile, Eldar strike force hits Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator outpost working on [expunged]. His Immortal Hand and Kill-team just out of response range during raid, due to lingering in Theta 817 system.

Effect: Irons Sons Chapter relations and resources improved, Adeptus Mechanicus resources decreased.

A Stony Sleep
A Stony Sleep

A missing Inquisitor

Karlack is the lynchpin of the Achilus Crusade’s military might and central to the defenses of the Iron Collar which Guards the Well of Night. It is Inquisitor Zaer Vincent’s disappearance that draws the small contingent of battle brothers into Karlack’s Turmoil.

Karlack is a planet in the midst of radical transformation. The Imperium would say it is reaping the benefits of inclusion in the glorious Imperium of Mankind, but not all the indigenous people share such rosy optimism.

Brother Marcus, and Brother Valerius were able to gain entry into the city beneith the sea, and face down the tratior Alpha Legion, Sadly Brother Valerious perished to the devistating onslought of bolter from the two remaining Chaos Marines guarding the exit. Brother Valerius sold his life dearly for the emperor this day. With his Body armor broken open, his right leg in shambles, and his helmet blown clear. Brother Valerius Kneeled up on to his remaining leg with a litney of hate spewing from his lips he fired one last volley at the duo severing the right leg of one and expunging it from existance. Seeing his brother fall in combat Brother Marcus riddled the remaining Chaos Marine with heavy bolter fire till there was nothing left but bloody chunks on the ground.

Brother marcus was also able to escape the city under the sea with the remains of brother Valerius and the Apothacaries were able to successfuly extract his gene seed.

Repairing His Immortal Hand


Brother Invictus
Brother Valkamael
Brother Wilhelm
Brother Bertram
Brother Jaerik
Brother Ligus


The Kill-Team was deployed to diplomatically ensure His Immortal Hand received the repairs it needed. In doing so, they ran afoul of a plot to assassinate the Imperial Governor of the world they had arrived at.

Brother Wilhelm saved the Governor from a bomb attack while the rest of the Kill-Team attempted to figure out who was behind the attack. A group of conspirators was rapidly taking control of the capital city in a coup attempt, but were ultimately foiled when the Kill-Team captured most of the senior leadership. Order was restored and the repairs for His Immortal Hand proceeded on schedule.

Notably, the Kill-Team also had a chance encounter with Interrogator Euphrati Octavia and Sergeant Piers of the Ordo Xenos.


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