Westwood Deathwatch

A Stony Sleep

A Stony Sleep

A missing Inquisitor

Karlack is the lynchpin of the Achilus Crusade’s military might and central to the defenses of the Iron Collar which Guards the Well of Night. It is Inquisitor Zaer Vincent’s disappearance that draws the small contingent of battle brothers into Karlack’s Turmoil.

Karlack is a planet in the midst of radical transformation. The Imperium would say it is reaping the benefits of inclusion in the glorious Imperium of Mankind, but not all the indigenous people share such rosy optimism.

Brother Marcus, and Brother Valerius were able to gain entry into the city beneith the sea, and face down the tratior Alpha Legion, Sadly Brother Valerious perished to the devistating onslought of bolter from the two remaining Chaos Marines guarding the exit. Brother Valerius sold his life dearly for the emperor this day. With his Body armor broken open, his right leg in shambles, and his helmet blown clear. Brother Valerius Kneeled up on to his remaining leg with a litney of hate spewing from his lips he fired one last volley at the duo severing the right leg of one and expunging it from existance. Seeing his brother fall in combat Brother Marcus riddled the remaining Chaos Marine with heavy bolter fire till there was nothing left but bloody chunks on the ground.

Brother marcus was also able to escape the city under the sea with the remains of brother Valerius and the Apothacaries were able to successfuly extract his gene seed.



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