Westwood Deathwatch

Iron Sons: Quest for the Forge Tools


Kill-team, led by Iron Sons Valkamael and Marcus, dispatched to investigate missing forge equipment. Unknown Eldar encountered aboard derelict spacecraft, indicate Theta 817-II as likely location.

Kill-team proceeded to Theta 817-II. Several close encounters with death-world environs. Surviving members of 83rd Catachan encountered on surface. Hostile xenos lifeforms encountered and destroyed. Forge tools located in subterranean caves, guarded by Eldar Aspect Warriors. Exarch offers deal: Wait one day, and have forge tools without confrontation. After much debate, Kill-team agrees to deal. Forge tools recovered intact.

Meanwhile, Eldar strike force hits Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator outpost working on [expunged]. His Immortal Hand and Kill-team just out of response range during raid, due to lingering in Theta 817 system.

Effect: Irons Sons Chapter relations and resources improved, Adeptus Mechanicus resources decreased.



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