Westwood Deathwatch

Kurskal Secundus: Conclusion

The xenos threat is revealed, but their leader remains at large...

The Battle-Brothers of Watch-Commander Gabriel’s flagship Kill-Team pressed the assault on the rebel capitol of Primon. Faced with the overwhelming firepower of a Warhound Scout Titan, the Kill-Team heroically prevailed over the traitorous construct. Surviving its cataclysmic explosion, the Kill-Team rested and recuperated before pushing deeper into the hive city.

Once behind enemy lines, the Battle-Brothers encountered a dangerous team of Dire Avenger aspect warriors. Dogging the Kill-Team at every turn, the Eldar were eventually beaten back, with only one surviving member escaping alive. Although Wilhelm and Elyas suffered serious wounds, the Kill-Team now counts four slain aspect warriors among those purged.

The Kill-Team arrived at the main rebel command centre, where the traitorous humans were being coordinated by a mysterious Eldar commander. Upon discovery that the commander was merely a projected xenotech holofield, the Battle-Brothers attempted to interrogate the rebel officers. Although they successfully forced the rebel forces to surrender to Imperial troops, no further intelligence was gained. The Kill-Team left to rejoin Brother-Captain Lothair back at the Deathwatch command base, leaving Watch-Commander Gabriel in charge of the prisoners. As the Kill-Team left, however, a massive detonation rocked the rebel command centre where Gabriel had last been seen only moments before. Upon searching the wreckage, they found no sign of the Watch-Commander save for a few charred pieces of ceramite.

Kurskal Secundus has been secured, but the xenos involvement remains unclear, and Gabriel’s fate is unknown.



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