Westwood Deathwatch

Kurskal Secundus: Mission 1

No man who died in service to the Emperor died in vain

The strategically-important world of Kurskal Secundus has fallen into outright rebellion. Secessionist forces have seized 80% of the planet’s resources and forced the remaining loyalists back to the bastion of Port Talia, which suffers under a brutal, unrelenting siege. The beleaguered remnants of the Storm Wardens 8th Company, loyalist PDF, and a small contingent of Adepta Sororitas have been holding the rebel forces at bay, but without supplies and reinforcements they will be overwhelmed.

Watch-Commander Gabriel has dispatched a Kill-Team to perform a critical mission in advance of Imperial reinforcements. Tasked with deploying directly to besieged city itself with only a limited supply of ammunition and equipment, the Kill-Team must acquire transportation, break out of the rebel siege, get behind enemy lines and secure the critical theatre defense array which has cut off Port Talia from the support it needs.

The Kill-Team aided the Storm Wardens with the defense of the city and used several of their bikes to race across the Shrineway Bridge. Once at the theatre defense array, they encountered a dug-in infantry company, and after a short but intensive battle dislodged the rebel troops and captured the array.

The secessionist forces deployed an entire armored company to counter-attack, and through sheer bloody-mindedness the Kill-Team repelled the assault and held their objective. Brother-Sergeant Jaerik Ghostwolf was killed after rushing to the aid of the grievously wounded Brother Invictus and engaging the enemy company’s command tank. The rebel commander was slain in personal combat with Jaerik before the Space Wolf expired of his wounds. Invictus survived his injuries and returned to the Ultramarines Chapter to be inducted into the Chapter cult as a Chaplain, before resuming his tour of duty with the Deathwatch.



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