Westwood Deathwatch

Paradiso IV: Causeway Assault

Kill the Xenos before it can speak its lies

Brother Gregorius was tasked with securing a major assault route in preparation for encircling and destroying the Ork’s largest stronghold on Paradiso IV. Along with Brother Tairn of the Angels of Absolution and Brother Lerrick of the Mortifactors, the Kill-Team engaged an Ork counter-attack force. Brother Gregorius slew the nob leader in single combat, earning serious wounds in the process.

A crashed Thunderhawk forced Gregorius to divert Lerrick and Tairn to hold the crash site against Ork looters. Proceeding onward alone, Gregorius captured the Ork causeway defenses and then held against their attempts to retake the position for an hour, when reinforcements under the command of Brother-Captain Lothair arrived.

For his valourous actions and effective leadership, Gregorius was awarded the Iron Skull and a field promotion to the rank of Sergeant.



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