Westwood Deathwatch

Paradiso IV: Destroy the Warboss

Death: The Fate of All Xenos

Led by Brother-Captain Lothair, newly-minted Sergeant Gregorius, Brother-Librarian Elerius, and Brothers Tairn and Lerrick assaulted the central Ork command centre. Charging into the manufactorum with their Land Raider, Lothair, Gregorius, and Elerius deployed in search of the warboss while Tairn and Lerrick defended the vehicle.

Navigating the Orky interior strained the team’s navigational skills, and the Kill-Team found itself frequently beset by Ork ambushes as they wandered the labyrinthine Ork stronghold. Brother Elerius distinguished himself with his psychic might, causing catastrophic harm to even the most powerful Ork warriors among the enemy’s number, while Lothair and Gregorius mopped up the survivors.

Upon reaching the Orky command bunker itself, the Kill-Team encountered a powerful Ork warboss, well-armed, clad in “mega-armour” and flanked by an entire squad of nobs. The fearsome potential of such adversaries would have devastated anything less than the Emperor’s Angels of Death. Librarian Elerius unleashed the full fury of untapped psychic energy within himself, discovering a reservoir of power none knew had existed until now. The nobs were obliterated in an unprecedented storm of the Emperor’s wrath made manifest. The warboss, staggered, was then struck such a blow from the psyker’s blade that the psychic impact tore the creature’s soul from the very fabric of the Warp, utterly annihilating its mind and being.

(72 pure psychic damage resulting in -34 Critical. Ouch!)

For his actions in visiting a rarely matched level of furious destruction upon the enemies of Man, and slaying the warboss in a single blow, Brother-Librarian Elerius was awarded the Imperial Laurel.

So marks the end of the Deathwatch involvement in the Paradiso IV campaign. Captain Lothair’s forces now head at full speed in His Immortal Hand to assist the battle for Kurskal Secundus.



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