Westwood Deathwatch

Repairing His Immortal Hand


Brother Invictus
Brother Valkamael
Brother Wilhelm
Brother Bertram
Brother Jaerik
Brother Ligus


The Kill-Team was deployed to diplomatically ensure His Immortal Hand received the repairs it needed. In doing so, they ran afoul of a plot to assassinate the Imperial Governor of the world they had arrived at.

Brother Wilhelm saved the Governor from a bomb attack while the rest of the Kill-Team attempted to figure out who was behind the attack. A group of conspirators was rapidly taking control of the capital city in a coup attempt, but were ultimately foiled when the Kill-Team captured most of the senior leadership. Order was restored and the repairs for His Immortal Hand proceeded on schedule.

Notably, the Kill-Team also had a chance encounter with Interrogator Euphrati Octavia and Sergeant Piers of the Ordo Xenos.



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