Westwood Deathwatch

The Word of Chaos

uninvited guests?

Your team is called to the war room on the grim portent. You enter to see Lord Sepheron yelling at Watch Captain Lothair and Watch Commander Gabriel.
“If we don’t take immediate action now this whole sector will burn!”
“Lord Sepheron while I understand your passion to destroy the enemies of mankind, raise your voice to me again and I will personally knock you off your high horse!” replied Gabriel.
“Brothers, maybe we should continue this conversation at a later time?” Captain Lothair says bring their attention to your team.
Both lords pause and look your team’s direction, and look back at each other and they seem to have a moment of wisdom and then they both face your team.
“Ah, welcome brothers your timing is most impeccable as always.” Says Lord Sepheron
Commander Gabriel looks at Sepheron sideways before speaking.
Gabriel’s voice grumbles “Brothers we have come to a disagreement and since your performance has been so exemplary maybe you can bring some new ideas to the table.”
Commander Gabriel, Captain Lothair and Lord Sepheron explain that several seemingly un- connected uprisings throughout the sector have come to a stalemate, and no planet is able to spare the manpower to send re-enforcement and the Imperial Guard is bogged down fighting Hive fleet Dagon.
Lord Sepheron is convinced that these uprisings are a precursor to a much larger invasion. However he is not sure from whom. The uprisings seem to have no connection what so ever as far as Lord Sepheron’s research is concerned. He is still looking.



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