11 krak and 2 plasma grenades set to blow... destruction will occur!



Chapter: Black Templar
Past: Trained a Neophyte
Demeanours: Zealous, Scornful
Specialty: Tactical Marine
Armour History: Bring Death From Afar – The wearer never suffers penalties for moving and firing with a pistol or basic class weapon on semi or full auto. Additionally, the wearer may count any heavy weapon he wields as a basic weapon for the purposes of moving and firing on semi or full auto.


53 58 52 51 54 41 42 63 43
* * * ** ** ** ** *


Ciphers – Inquisition (Trained)
Command (Trained)
Demolitions (10)
Dodge (Trained)
Forbidden Lore – Space Wolves (Trained)
Forbidden Lore – Warp (Trained)
Interrogation (10)
Search (Trained)
Wrangling (10)
Sound Constitution
300 to reduce Insanity

23 25 4 2
Ancestral Spirits


Fearless- Immune to the effects of Fear and Pinning, but disengaging from combat requires a successful Willpower test.

Hatred (Tyranid)- +10 to Weapon Skill tests against Tyranids.

Iron Discipline- When group leader, player characters in the group can re-roll a failed Willpower test for Fear or Pinning

Marksman- No penalties for BS tests on long or extended range.

Mighty Shot- each hit receives +2 to damage with Ranged weapons.

Orthoproxy- +20 bonus to Willpower tests to resist mind control and interrogation.

Polyglot- Any and all languages that the character isn’t currently trained in are treated as Basic. Also a -10 INT penalty to test the unknown languages.

Rapid Reload- The character halves all reload times rounding down.

Storm of Iron- Doubles horde magnitude damage when using ranged weapons.

Target Selection- Fire into close combat with no penalty.


68 Famed


0 To Spend
30,400 Total Spent


Marksman’s Honour- Killed an Astral Spectre in one round
Purity Seal x2
Diablodon Necklace- Price of Hubris mission
Campaign Badge- Tau mission
Bolter “Die wicked spawn of chaos!” (signature wargear- master crafted, motion predictor)- +2 damage, +10 BS tests when semi and auto fire
Chain of Zeal(Bolter)- +10 to Fear and Pinning, +1 to effective Rank when determining Black Templar solo mode ability. Requires a filthy 20 requisition, if requisition issued is less, the character can’t take anything else.
Current Chapter Trapping Chapter heraldry tabard – +1 to effective Rank when determining Black Templar solo mode ability.
Plasma Pistol (Right gear for the job)

Solo Mode Abilities

Bolter Mastery- +10 to all BS tests and +2 damage when firing a bolt weapon.

Righteous Zeal- (Rank 1) Once per combat, Free Action; When attacking with melee, ignores toughness of a creature with Daemonic Trait. Toughness Bonus increased by +4 from attacks by Daemonic Trait, Psychic powers, and psychic weapons, lasts for a number of rounds equal to rank(effected by +1 rank effectiveness abilities). (Rank 3) +10 WS and +2 to damage rolls against any creature with psychic abilities. (Rank 5) increase toughness to +8 instead of +4 (Rank 7) Warp Weapons don’t work. At all.

Burst of Speed- (Rank 1) Once per game session; Increases character’s Agility Bonus by 2 with all usual associated benefits for a number of rounds equal to his rank. (Rank 3) Burst of Speed also adds +10 to all Agility based test based on movement.

Feat of Strength- (Rank 1) Once per day of game time; this ability effectively increases Unnatural Strength trait by one level for a number of rounds equal to his rank. (rank 3) it also adds +10 to all Strength tests for the duration.

Renewed Vigour- (Rank 3) Once per game session; this is a free action that can be done at the start of any of his turns for a number of rounds equal to his rank, he can ignore the effects of a single critical hit, such as Stunning, levels of fatigue, or Unconsciousness.

Squad Mode Abilities

Black Templar- Holy Vengeance- (Rank1) Half Action. Cohesion cost 2. On his turn, he may make a standard attack with a melee weapon. Whether or not Damage is inflicted, he may immediately make an additional Standard Attack with that same weapon, against the same foe, as a Free Action. If this blow hits, then he may make an additional Standard Attack and so on, up to the total number of extra attacks equal to their Agility Bonus. (Rank 4) Holy Vengeance is a Free Action


Goals: 1. Armour of the Remorseless Crusader
2. Becoming a Champion
Special. Killing the bloody daemon that got away in an earlier mission.


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