Brother-Librarian Elerius

A cryptic Ultramarines codicier




At a Glance
A codicier of the Ultramarines Chapter. Elerius specializes in divination, though he is also a capable battle-psyker like most Librarians. He frequently forgoes the use of a psychic hood, stating that its technological properties interfere with a more intuitive connection to the Warp.

In terms of appearance, Elerius looks to be of indeterminate age, and has the patrician features common in Ultramar. When spoken to, the Librarian is notably cryptic and tends toward archaic turns of phrase. It is unclear whether this is an eccentric quirk of someone who has peered into the future too many times, or simply a source of perverse amusement at the expense of others.

In battle, Elerius is much more direct. As a trained member of the Chapter’s Librarium, he is a qualified and experienced commander of Space Marines. When not leading a Kill-team, he is generally the de facto second-in-command, a duty he undertakes seriously.

Recently, Elerius has discovered an untapped well of power within himself. During his time on Paradiso IV, he unleashed raw psychic energy rarely seen in a sane, stable individual. The incident seems to have troubled him on some deeper level, eschewing much of his cryptic eccentricities and retreating into a brooding melancholy.

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Thought for the Day: Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.

Combat Actions (Deathwatch)
Deployed in response to Crimson Fists distress signal. Kill-team commanded by Brother-Apothecary Wilhelm. All Crimson Fists veterans recovered intact.

Deployed to infested forge world. Kill-team under his command. Multiple Traitor Marine sorcerers encountered with [expunged]. Traitor champion purged. Cache of [expunged] discovered and destroyed; one sample recovered and returned for analysis.

Deployed to assist efforts against the Orks of Paradiso IV. While on site, discovered heretofore untapped levels of psychic power and single-handedly annihilated the Ork warboss.

Awards, Honours, and Decorations
Awarded a purity seal for aiding in the extraction of a beleaguered Crimson Fists Terminator squad. It is worn on the ricasso of Elerius’ force sword, blessing the weapon’s war spirit against the resilience of powerful xenos.

Awarded the Imperial Laurel for psychically slaying the Ork warboss leading the hordes of Paradiso IV.

Brother-Librarian Elerius

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