Watch-Commander Gabriel

A scarred and ancient Blood Angel


Blood Angels


Watch-Commander Gabriel is Captain Lothair‘s direct superior and oversees a large swath of Deathwatch operations in the Jericho Reach. Once a member of the Blood Angels Chapter, he has since given over his life in service to the Deathwatch. Rumours claim that after completing his fifth tour of duty with the Deathwatch, he just simply didn’t go home.

Gabriel is old even by Space Marine standards, although one couldn’t tell it by his face. Little more than a mass of ruined flesh, Gabriel’s face is contorted into a permanent sneer by old wounds, and any hair he may have once had has long since been replaced by the burn scars covering his scalp. His voice is likewise afflicted, his speech having more in common with the rattling whispers of death than a noble Astartes.

In person, Gabriel is a harsh leader. He is ruthless, uncompromising, and ready to expend the lives of those under his command if he feels it necessary. In battle, he is driven by bloodlust, and prefers a vicious arsenal of chain weapons so as to sate the Red Thirst he inherits from his Primarch.

During the conclusion of the Kurskal Secundus campaign, Gabriel was last seen dealing with enemy prisoners in their primary command centre. An explosion obliterated the command centre minutes later, and Gabriel was nowhere to be found. He is presumed dead.

Watch-Commander Gabriel

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