Brother- Sergeant Gregorius

I am here because I hate the most...


Tactical Marine
Imperial Fist

Demeanor: Vitriolic

WS 5o {+2} xx
BS 47 {+5} x
S(x2) 42 x
T(x2) 45 x
AG 43
Int 44
Per 43
WP 62 xx
Fel 51 x

Forbidden Lore (Traitor Legions) +20
Tactics (Assault) +20

Peer (Inquisition)
Peer (Adeptus Astartes)
Hatred (Traitor Legions)
Mighty Shot
Air of Authority


In most respects Gregorius is a typical Imperial Fist. Stubborn, disciplined, and completely unwilling to admit defeat. However, Gregorius takes this to the extreme. Totally intolerant of failure and weakness in his battle-brothers he can often have an attitude which may be off-putting, or seem downright hostile to others. To Gregorius, exceptional is what he expects from those around him.

Gregorius rarely removes his Mk6 Corvus helmet, but when he does he reveals a space marine with buzzed hair and fairly handsome features which are marred by a look of annoyance that never seems to go away.

After his initiation to full battle-brother Gregorius was assigned to the Imperial Fists IV company, The Fists of Dorn. There he served with distinction gaining the rank of sergeant. In one of his first deployments in the Jericho Reach Gregorius was put in charge of a fortress under siege by the Tyranids. After many days of assaults the swarm managed to breach the walls. Through grit and determination the Imperial Fists managed to halt the tide of claws and chitin pouring through the gap, but not without cost. Many battle-brothers were lost and Gregorius himself was wounded. He was then assigned to a backwater outpost for rearming. While there he encountered the kill-team, and after helping them to defeat an abomination of the warp, was inducted into the Deathwatch. After several missions with the team, the base of operations, His Immortal hand, was attacked by the forces of Chaos, and the Chapel of the venerable ship was infested by foul demon of the warp. The kill team engaged this aberration, cleansing it from His most holy realm. However, after dealing the deathblow to the creature Gregorius started to hear the voice of the Emperor guiding him to an unknown destiny. Since that day Gregorius has been following the path that the Emperor has laid down before him.

Awards and Commendations
Tsua’Malor Campaign Badge: for participation in the invasion of the Tau occupied planet.
Diablodon Scaled Cape (displayed in quarters)
Claymore inscribed with the names of the fallen: Brother Xasfang, Brother Valerius, Brother Kurro, Brother Jaerik
Purity seal: Awarded for actions taken during the Paradiso IV assault.
Purity seal: Awarded for destruction of a Warhound Titan on Kurskal Secundus.
Crux Terminatus: Awarded for capturing and holding the Orky Gargant “Gorkinator t’reefousand” against Orky assault until reinforcements arrived.
Iron Skull: Awarded for expert command during the invasion of paradiso IV

Brother- Sergeant Gregorius

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