Brother Invictus



60 40 54 61 52 44 40 47 43
* * * ** * * * ** * * *


Common Lore(Int) Space Marine Fleet Tactics (Trained)

Dodge(Ag) (Trained)

Pilot(Ag)(Personal) +20

Survival(Int) (Trained)

Tech-Use(Int) (Trained)

Ciphers: Xeno Markings (Trained)

Acrobatics(Ag) (Trained)

Charm(Fel) (Trained)

20 2 0 0 (1)


Wings of Angles


Two-Weapon Wielder(both ranged and melee)

Swift Attack

Lightening Attack

Lighting Reflexes


Peer-Crimson Fists

Duty Unto Death

Sure Strike

Precise Blow

Favored Foe: Necrons

Wall of Steel



Hatred: Traitors

Scourge of Heretics

Hatred: Necrons

Counter Attack

Litany of Hate


52 Distinguished


30,475 spent. 20 to spend


Standard Assault Kit (S.A.K.)

Campaign Badge

Imperial Laural

Heraldry scroll

Ork Nob spine totem

Xeno 99177 tail barb

Purity Seals

Skull and motto “Undying”

Bionic left leg

Bionic right leg

Bionic left arm


Skull helm

Crozius Arcanum

Artificer armor



Named for the great Ultramarine’s hero, chaplain Invictus. He is relatively young as space marines go, only 70. His first major battle as a full battle-brother was on a Necron tomb world during a joint operation between the Ultramarine’s and Blood Ravens.

Invictus was part of the task force, lead by his namesake and including veterans of the Blood Ravens that was sent to destroy one of the primary tomb complexes on the planet. The fighting was fierce inside the tomb and just when it seemed that they were getting the upper hand on the vile machines the Blood Ravens abandoned the Ultramarine’s to pursue their own mysterious ends. Without the firepower of the Blood Raven veterans supporting them the Ultramarine’s were swiftly outnumbered by the soulless automatons. Chaplain Invictus sacrificed himself to buy the rest of the Ultramarine’s time to retreat. The Chaplain’s body along with several relics, including his crozius arcanum, were never recovered.

Ever since that day, Invictus has harbored a deep suspicion towards the Blood Ravens and will only work with them under the most dire of circumstances.

Character update:

Brother Invictus lead his kill-team on a mission to recover Chaplain Invictus’ wargear from the Necron tomb in which he fell. The kill team made it successfully penetrated deep into the tomb unnoticed. The team managed to retrieve the wargear and were ready to make their escape when the tomb started to awaken. The kill team managed to pool their grenades together and jury-rig a bomb that they attached to the lords sarcophagus. the resulting explosion started a chain reaction that destroyed the tomb. Brother Invictus stayed behind till the last second to make sure the bomb detonated. As a result during his escape he lost his left leg below the knee.

During the campaign to bring the planet Kurskal Secundus back into the Emperors fold brother Invictus and his kill-team were charged with retaking a theater defense array from the rebels. The kill-team captured the array and held it for several days with minimal enemy activity. during the last few days before reinforcements arrived to relieve them the rebels attacked with an entire armored company intent on recapturing the array. The kill-team held off the attack for an entire day before finally driving it off when reinforcements arrived. Brother Invictus and brother Jaerik met the company head on. Brother Jaerik fell valiantly after killing the commander of the armored company in single combat. Brother Invictus was found severely wounded missing his left arm and right leg and surrounded by the wreckage of at least three Lemman Russ Demolisher battle tanks.

Due to the furor with which Brother Invictus completed these missions he was recalled back to Macragge and inducted into the chapter cult as a chaplain. He was gifted with the reforged wargear of the great chaplain Invictus and sent back to serve with his brothers in the deathwatch.

Brother Invictus

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