Brother-Sergeant Jaerik Ghostwolf

A Space Wolf of the long lost 13th Company


Rank 5 Assault Marine/Kill Marine


61 50 52 46 51 41 48 45 48
xxx x xx xx x x

Mark IV Maximus Artificer Armor History’s

Maximus Armor – +15 fellowship bonus when dealing with other Space Marines.
Thy Strength be Legend – Bearer receives an extra +10 bonus to strength, in addition to to the normal bonuses granted by power armor.
Last Survivor – grants wearer 1 extra Fate Point at the beginning of each mission, and is lost at the end if it has not been used; this Fate Point cannot be burned.


Awareness(Per) +20
Carouse(Fel) +20
Dodge(Ag) +10
Intimidate(S) (Trained)
Pilot(Ag)(Personal) +20
Survival(Int) (Trained)
Tracking(Int) +20

23 18 15 1
Ancestral Spirits


Wings of Angles- Add 20m to movement with a successful (+0) Pilot(personal) test. When charging +1d5 dmg to any melee attacks.

Wisdom of the Ancients- The character may spent a Fate Point during combat to get insight on a situation.(awarded by the GM tristian during character creation)

Ambidextrous/Two-Weapon Wielder- When armed with two weapons of the same type, the character may spent a full action to attack with both. Both tests to attack with the weapon suffer a -10 penalty.

Swift Attack/Lightening Attack- As a FULL action, the character may make three MELEE attacks. If the character has two-weapon weilder they only get Swift/Lightening Attack with ONE of the weapons and a single attack with the other.

Crushing Blow- The character adds +2 to damage inflicted in melee.

Lighting Reflexes- Add twice the character’s Agility Bonus when rolling for Initiative.

Hardy- When undergoing medical treatment or healing from injuries, the character recover Damage as if Lightly Damaged.

Rapid Reload- The character halves all reload times rounding down.

Counter Attack- After a successful Parry, the character may make an immediate attack at -20 with the same weapon as a free action.

Berserk Charge- When character uses the Charge action he gains +20 to Weapon skill instead of the regular +10

Sure Strike/Precise Blow- When determining hit location for a melee attack, the character may use the dice as rolled, or reverse them, choosing the preferred location. No penalty for attacks against a specific location.

Peer (Crimson Fists)- Character gets +10 to Fellowship when interacting with the chosen group.

Hunter of Aliens- The character gains +10 to his Weapon Skill and +2 to melee weapon Damage When combating aliens.

Hatred (Tyranids)- Character gains +10 Weapon Skill against Tyranids.

Signature Wargear (Wolf claw)- (Elite advance) Wolf Claw is now standard issue for the character.


82 Hero/42 distinguished (Sacrificed 40 renown to gain Artificer Armor and wolf helm)




Totem of the bloodied hunter (+1 to Righteous fury)
Campaign Badge
Diabodon tooth necklace
Purity Seal (for rescuing Crimson Fists veterans)
Xenos tooth Necklace (94177)
Wolf Skull (Sergent Rank)
Wolf Helm (can use wolf senses while wearing a helmet)

Solo Mode Abilities

Wolf Senses – (Rank 1) Character may re-roll failed Perception-based tests and counts as having the Dark Sight trait. No bonuses while wearing a helmet. (Rank 3) Character adds +10 to all Perception Based tests. (Rank 5) he gains the Unnatural Perception (x2) trait.

Burst of Speed – (Rank 1) Once per game session; Increases characters Agility Bonus by 2 with all usual associated benefits for a number of rounds equal to his rank. (Rank 3) Burst of Speed also adds +10 to all Agility based test based on movement. (Rank 5) the Bonus to agility increases to +4.

Feat of Strength – (Rank 1) Once per day of game time; this ability effectively increases his Unnatural Strength trait by one level for a number of rounds equal to his rank. (rank 3) it also adds +10 to all Strength tests for the duration. (Rank 5) Feat of Strength now lasts for a number of rounds equal to 2x the characters rank.

Renewed Vigour – (Rank 3) Once per game session; this is a free action that can be done at the start of any of his turns for a number of rounds equal to his rank, he can ignore the effects of a single critical hit, such as Stunning, levels of fatigue, or Unconsciousness. (Rank 5) also restores and number of wounds equal to the character’s rank.

Extreme Endurance – Once per game session; a character may use Extreme Endurance to fortify his constitution, granting him a re-roll on all Toughness test for a number of hours equal to his rank.

Mental Fortress – Once per game session; a character may re-roll a failed willpower test to resist a Psychic Power or an attempt to subvert his will.


Jaerik Ghostwolf is one on the original members of the 13th company. A Blood Claw at the time of their departure into the warp. He was elevated the rank of Grey Slayer due to numerous battlefield losses and being able to master what he refers to as “The Wolf Kings Blessing”. During Abaddon’s 13th Black Crusade Jaerik was sent back to Fenris by the few remaining rune priests through a Gate they created, with a key personally given to him by Leman Russ.

Jaerik was to deliver the key to Bjorn the fell handed, or failing that to the current chapter master. The Rune priests were at least able to send Jaerik through a Gate successfully to arrive on Fenris, although he was on the wrong continent. Upon his arrival on Fenris Jaerik, was severely confused and had suffered amnesia. Armed in defaced Chaos terminator armor with bits and pieces of his 13th company plate, he looked at the key around his neck and saw an engraving of the fang. He began running in what he hoped was the direction of the picture on the key not remembering the significance but knowing it was important somehow.

He ran for days until he spied the Fang in the great distance through a break in the snow storm. As he approached the coast line he discovered a native village with all the warriors armed and ready for battle blocking his path to the beached ships. He walked closer to the warriors and held up his hand to show he didn’t want to fight, and in his other he displayed the key. The leader of the war band approached cautiously to look at the key. Recognizing the symbol of Fenris and after a brief exchange he agreed to ferry Jaerik across the ocean to the Fang.

Upon his arrival he was greeted by no less than two packs of Grey Hunters. Jaerik understanding his apparent look kneeled and displayed the key, asking for Bjorn the Fell Handed, or the current chapter master. Several tense minutes passed when a troop of four rune priests, four wolf priests and ten wolf guard in terminator plate walked out of the fang to surround him. They asked him all manner of questions and made demands that he could not answer or remember. They took the key from him and had him remove his tainted terminator plate, he did request that the pieces of his original plate be sanctified, blessed, and returned to the armory even if he were to die. Immediately he was sent to the gates of Morkai to have his purity sorely tested.

Able to survive, Logan Grimnar was still not convinced, and didn’t have the time or man power to have Jaerik watched on a constant basis, so he assigned him to the deathwatch until such a time that either Jaerik could prove himself again in the eyes of the chapter or die like the lost 13th company.

Character Update:

Jaerik Ghostwolf was dispatched along with his brothers to investigate a space hulk. Initial scans showed that it contained the remnants of a Space Wolf battle cruiser the Jormagund. Much to the dissatisfaction of Watch-Commander Gabriel, Jaerik’s deathwatch team was the only one available with a Space Wolf member so they were chosen to investigate with Jaerik assigned as the squad leader. They were also granted the privilege of wearing sacred suits of Terminator Armor without having earned the Crux Terminatus. Watch-Commander Gabriel issued a dire warning to Jaerik and the team that should any of the suites entrusted to them be lost to the enemy or damaged beyond repair then they would be charged with losing a sacred relic and be forever dishonored within the deathwatch and their chapters.

Once they were teleported on board they were instantly beset on all sides by swam after swarm of Genestealers. As they cleared the space hulk Jaerik counted on the varied specialties of his team to overcome the many obstacles they encountered. Brother Valkamael was most effective at restoring power and being able to fix the corruption of the machine code found within several cogitators on the space hulk revealing information on the long lost 13th Company and Leman Russ himself! Brother Valkamael was also able to keep the sacred suits of Terminator Armor from receiving too much damage. As Brother Wilhelm kept the teams direst battle injuries stabilized.

As they entered the bridge of the Jormagund, Brother Invictus went toe to claw with a Thunder hammer against pair of Genestealers, while Brother Bertram expertly shot into the Melee. Brother’s Wilhelm and Valkamael gunned down the other half of the Genestealer bodyguard with their assault cannons, as Brother Jaerik and Ligus charged the Broodlord but Brother Jaerik didn’t see the Broodlord’s counter-attack coming and took a nasty almost crippling shot to the left side of his face. Brother Ligus saved Jaerik’s life by impaling the Xenos with his Lightning claws and finally purging the Xenos on the bridge of the Jormagund.

Upon their return Jaerik was able to send an Astropathic communication back to Fenris with the information on Leman Russ and the 13th Company. Thus restoring his honor within the Chapter and being granted the rank of sergeant once again.

Sadly Brother Sergeant Jaerik perished on Kurskal Secundus defending the theater defense array against a mechanized company of traitor Imperial Guard. The three Basilisk’s opened up with pinpoint accuracy because of two spotter teams lasing the target. The Brother Bertram took them out with zealous precision then jumped into the flatbed of a previously captured deuce and a half. Brother Sergeant Jearik driving the truck didn’t see an obstacle in his rush to get into the fight with the ten Leman Russ tanks and caused the truck to roll on to its side out in the open. The Salamander tank scouting to the north started firing with their heavy bolter pinning Brother Sergeant Jaerik amongst the wreckage. Brother Invictus who was in the flatbed along with brother Bertram was able to get untangle from the wreckage and find cover in the near by trenches. Brother Bertram shot at the Salamander with with Plasma gun, followed by Brother Jaerik and lastly by Brother Invictus, disabling the tank and silencing the heavy bolter. The lead Leman Russ tanks started to take notice and fired upon the truck narrowly missing Brother Jaerik amongst the wreckage. Brother Invictus charged the lead tank from the tranches giving Jaerik time to get to the trenches. Brother Bertram recovering the missile launcher destroyed one of the lead tanks and started taking lasgun fire from a dismounted squad of traitor guardsmen. Brother Invictus tore the lead tank apart with his power fist before coming under heavy bolter fire and getting his right arm blown off…

Brother-Sergeant Jaerik Ghostwolf

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