Lord Sepheron "The Eagle"

Hero of the Emperor's Guard a sub chapter of the Dark Angels



70 47 67 65 61 53 47 45 50
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Armor History

Heros Spirit – While in Solo Mode the wearer may choose to gain+15 WS, +15 BS, Immune to fear and pinning for the duration of the combat, He may not enter Squad Mode and after the combat is over he gains 3d10 Insanity Points.


Acrobatics(Ag) +10
Awareness(Per) +20
Ciphers: Xenos Markings(Int) +20
Command(Fel) +20
Deceive(Fel) +10
Dodge(Ag) +20
Forbidden Lore: Warp (Int) +20
Interrogation(WP) +20
Pilot(Ag)(Personal) +20
Scholastic Lore: Astromancy (Int) Trained
Tactics Assault(Int) +20

31 92 5
Ear of the Emperor
Scorn of Outsiders


Wings of Angels – Add 20m to movement with a successful (+0) Pilot(personal) test. When charging +1d5 dmg to any melee attacks.

Total Recall – The character can automatically remember trivial facts or pieces of information he might have fesibly have picked up in the past. The GM may require a successful Inteligence test to recall more specific detials.

Ambidextrous/Two-Weapon Wielder- When armed with two weapons of the same type, the character may spent a full action to attack with both. Both tests to attack with the weapon suffer a -10 penalty.

Swift Attack/Lightening Attack- As a FULL action, the character may make three MELEE attacks. If the character has two-weapon weilder they only get Swift/Lightening Attack with ONE of the weapons and a single attack with the other.

Crushing Blow- The character adds +2 to damage inflicted in melee.

Lightning Reflexes – Add twice the character’s Agility bonus when rolling for Initiative.

Hardy- When undergoing medical treatment or healing from injuries, the character recover Damage as if Lightly Damaged.

Hammer Blow- When making an All Out Attack , he may add half his Strength Bonus to the weapon’s Armor Penetration, the attack counts as having the Shocking Quality.

Counter Attack- After a successful Parry, the character may make an immediate attack at -20 with the same weapon as a free action.

Hard Target- When the character preforms a Charge or Run action opponets suffer a -20 penalty to Balistic Skill Tests made to hit the character with a ranged weapon. This penalty continues until the start of the character’s next turn.

Sure Strike/Precise Blow- When determining hit location for a melee attack, the character may use the dice as rolled, or reverse them, choosing the perferred location. No penalty for attacks against a specific location.

Step Aside- The character may make an additional dodge once per round.However, the character may still only attempt a single Dodge against one attack.

Commanding Presence- The battle brother may use his Strength characteristic for Fellowship should his Strength be higher and the battle brother never suffers more than a -20 to any fellowship test (including when using his Strength as Fellowship).

Hatred (Orks)- Character gains +10 Weapon Skill against Orks.

Air of Authority- On a successful Command Test, the character may effect a number of targets equal to 1d10 plus his Fellowship bonus.


Enduring Name- Allies of the battle brother may add +10 to their Will Power tests. equally if enemies know his name they will suffer -10 penalty to their Will Power.

Forbidden Lore- GM chooses one of the forbidden lores and grants it to the character even if it doesn’t appear in their advancement table. (Warp)

Master of Secrets- GM can allow the battle brother to call on this secret brotherhood to either gain privileged information, additional resources or manipulate current events.

Initiate of Secrets- see page 76 in Rights of Battle


82 Hero




Crux Terminatus
Imperial Laurel
Iron Halo

Solo Mode Abilities

Stoic Defense- (Rank 1) Once per combat the brother gains 6 temporary wounds, and his max movemnet rate is reuced to 1/2 his agility Bonus rounding up. these wounds will be lost if the battle brother leaves his chosed location. (Rank 3) The temporary wound points are increased to 12. (Rank 5) the battle brother may move a number of meters equal to his Agility Bonus each round without losing the effects of the ability. (Rank 7) the temporary wound points increase to 18.

Burst of Speed- (Rank 1) Once per game session; Increses characters Agility Bonus by 2 with all usual associated benefits for a number of rounds equal to his rank. (Rank 3) Burst of Speed also adds +10 to all Agility based test based on movement. (Rank 5) the Agility Bonus increases to +4. (Rank 7) this ability allows the Battle-Brother to ignore the need to make Agility tests when running or charging in difficult terrain.

Feat of Strength- (Rank 1) Once per day of game time; this ability effectively increases his Unnatural Strength trait by one level for a number of rounds equal to his rank. (rank 3) it also adds +10 to all Strength tests for the duration. (Rank 5) last for a number of rounds equal to twice the character’s rank. (Rank 7) increases the character’s unnatural strength train by 2 levels. (x2 becomes x4)

Renewed Vigour- (Rank 3) Once per game session; this is a free action that can be done at the start of any of his turns for a number of rounds equal to his rank, he can ignore the effects of a single critical hit, such as Stunning, levels of fatigue, or Unconsciousness. (Ramk 5) also restores a number of Wounds equal to the character’s rank. (Rank 7) characters can ignore all critical hit effects he is currently suffering from for the duration of the ability.

Mental Fortress- Once per game session, a battle-brother may re-roll a failed Willpower Test to resist a Psychis Power or an attempt to subvert his will. (Rank 7) the Battle-Brother may add +20 to to the result of the re-roll.

Extreme Endurance- Once per game session, the character may re-roll all Toughness test for a number of hours equal to his rank. (Rank 7) the character may add +20 to the result of the re-roll.

Emperor’s Grace- Once per game session, the character can roll 1d10 if he scores equal to or less then his rank the Fate Point is immediately recovered. this doesn’t recover Fate Points that have been Burnt.


Lord Sepheron "The Eagle"

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