Brother-Captain Lothair

Veteran Imperial Fist, now a Watch-Captain of the Deathwatch


Tactical Marine / Watch-Captain
Imperial Fist

Demeanour: Implacable

WS 56 xx
BS 52 x
S(x2) 48 x
T(x2) 52 x
Ag 45 x
Int 54 xx
Per 46 x
WP 64 xx
Fel 50 xx

Wounds: 23
Fate: 3


Awareness +20
Command +20
Dodge +10
Forbidden Lore (Traitor Legions) +20
Forbidden Lore (Xenos)
Forbidden Lore (Astartes)
Forbidden Lore (Inquisition) +10
Tactics (All) +20


Tactical Expertise (Tactical Marine ability)
Air of Authority
Rapid Reload
Hatred (Traitor Legions)
Peer (Astartes, Inquisition)
Hunter of Aliens
Scourge of Heretics
Slayer of Daemons
Mighty Shot
Iron Discipline
Master Signature Wargear (Power Fist)
Watch Captain


Captain Lothair is a stern and no-nonsense Space Marine. He sees a goal and accomplishes it, and has little time for ostentatious displays or ego-padding. This is reflected in his typical gear: his power armor is relatively plain for a veteran of his age, and he rarely goes into battle with more than a storm bolter and a power fist. The Crux Terminatus is quietly displayed amongst his other accolades, though he seems to eschew Terminator armor in all but the most dire of situations.

His coordination of Kill-Teams is equally reserved: Lothair generally sends only the bare minimum in Space Marines and materiel to accomplish a mission, and expects each Marine to fight twice as hard to compensate. His bias as an Imperial Fist shows, as he demands nigh-perfection from the Space Marines under his command. He is not unreasonable, and will assign tactical support where it is required, but by and large he is a “hands-off” leader who prefers to let a Kill-Team operate on its own initiative, giving the sergeant wide authority to act as needed.

Brother-Captain Lothair

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