Blood Raven Librarian


WS: 43 *
BS: 53
S: 42
T: 42
AG: 40
I: 49 *
P: 43 *
W: 68 * * *
F: 41

Rank: 1
HP: 23
Psy rating: 3
Fate points: 3
Renown: 0
Chapter demeanor: Knowledge is Power
Personal demeanor: Stubborn
Insanity points: 0
Corruption: 0

Power armor history: Hero’s shame
Force Axe

Short range telepathy
Iron arm
Preferred fighting style: Metal Storm Rounds

Short comings: -10 command tests


Brother Librarian Martellus is from the Blood Raven Chapter
Interest: Expanding his Knowledge and killing the enemies of the Emperor
Goals: Discover who is the founding legion that the Blood Ravens come from
Hated enemies: Alpha Legion, Orks, and Tyranids
Home Planet: Meridian – Capitol planet of Aurelia Sub Sector
Induction: A Blood Raven patrol happen to come across Martellus while he was defending himself from a lone Hormaguant that was in search of food. Before the Blood Ravens could do anything, Martellus had impaled the lone Hormaguant with a make shift spear that he had made for himself for defensive purposes. With killing the lone Hormaguant, he impressed the Blood Ravens who had witness his act of survival, thus Martellus was inducted into the Blood Ravens Capter. However it quickly became apparent to the Chapter that Martellus had unnatural talents and was destine to become a Librarian in the future; Martellus also would eventually become a prominent figure in the Blood Raven’s Second Company and was considered by his fellow brother marines as a expert on Tyranids especially on Tyranid strategy.


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