Scout-Sergeant Kurro

See, but dont be seen


Tactical Marine
Raven Guard

Demeanor: Pragmatic

AG:56 x
Per:50 x
WP:41 x
Fel:7 (56) x

Concealment +20
Silent move +10
Tactics: Stealth/Recon +20

Rapid Reload
Stealth Operations


A normal Raven Guard in most respects Kurro possesses the white skin, black hair, and black eyes that are typical of the chapter. Often quiet, and possessive of a matter-of-fact attitude, Kurro has a knack for stealth and an intelligence that make him perfect for scout work. Typically Kurro commands great respect from his peers, however in a Mission for the Deathwatch he suffered wounds which caused his eyes to be replaced with bulky bionics and make him something not too pleasant to look at.

Kurro was a sergeant in the Raven Guard X company in charge of training the chapter’s neophytes in stealth tactics. During a recent mission in the Jericho Reach Kurro’s squad of scouts encountered a strain of Tyranicus chameleo. In the battle that followed the entire squad under Kurro’s command was killed, leaving the sergeant himself as the only survivor. It was then decided by the commander of the Raven Guard deployed in the Jericho Reach that the force was lacking in their knowledge of the enemy in the Jericho region. As such, Kurro was seconded to the Deathwatch in order to gain knowledge and develop tactics to better bring The Emperor’s wrath down upon His enemies.

Since joining the Deathwatch Kurro has been deployed on several missions, however, on one fateful mission Kurro was seriously wounded, and as a result, failed to accomplish his mission. As penance Kurro volunteered on a suicide mission to avenge a fallen battle-brother. Against all odds Kurro succeeded, and since then has been performing undefined missions for Watch-commander Lothair.

Scout-Sergeant Kurro was killed in a battle with the Orky Big Mek during the opening stages of the invasion of Paradiso IV.

Awards and Commendations
Tsua’Malor Campaign Badge: for participation in the invasion of the Tau occupied planet.
Purity seal: Awarded for the recovery of a fallen Battle-brother’s wargear.
Purity seal: Awarded for placement of teleport homers before the invasion of Paradiso IV

Scout-Sergeant Kurro

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