Brother Valerius

A dedicated, steadfast Imperial Fist


Tactical Marine
Imperial Fists

Notable skills/talents:
Hatred (Traitor Marines, Tyranids)
Right Gear for the Job (Power sword)

Tactics (Defense) +20
Forbidden Lore (Traitor Legions)


An experienced member of the Imperial Fists’ 5th Company, Valerius was thought lost to a Tyranid onslaught before joining the Deathwatch.

Valerius was a competent, well-rounded Space Marine, adept at all forms of combat. He spent years honing his skill with the traditional Godwyn-pattern boltgun, but later turned his attention to the swordsmanship the descendants of Rogal Dorn are renowned for. Valerius was rarely seen without his power sword, and had been practicing with it obsessively as only an Imperial Fist can.

Brother Valerius bore a particular hatred for Tyranids, the foe whose claws and bite-marks scored his armor. He also resolutely carried his Chapter’s 10,000 year grudge against the nine Traitor Legions who turned on their Emperor, vowing to see them purged from existence wherever they appeared. Since joining the Deathwatch, his resentment of psykers had begun to grow as well.

Valerius fell in battle against the Chaos warriors of the Alpha Legion after slaying one in personal combat and engaging several more alongside Brother Marcus.

Brother Valerius

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