Brother Valkamael

An analytical Iron Sons Forge Master.



50 57 50 72 52 70 50 47 30
••• ••• •• •••


Death is Joy- Some warriors are simply meant to kill; this armour epitomises that archetype. Add 2 damage when dealing Critical Damage, and add 1 to damage done to a horde’s magnitude upon a successful attack.

The Emperor’s Finest- The wearers of this suit have time and again shone out as magnificent examples of the Adeptes Astartes. The wearer receives a +5 bonus to Pinning, Fear, and Command Tests.


Tech-Use (10%)
Dodge (10%)
Demolition (Trained)
Awareness (20%)
Forbidden Lore: Adeptus Mechanicus (Trained)
Forbidden Lore: Archeotech (Trained)

23 16 8 3
Ancestral Spirits


Improve Cover- The character spends one round adding Intelligence bonus to cover’s armor value.

Mechanicus Implants- As a servant to the Machine-God, the character has several implants to assist in his duties.

Electro-Graft Use- The character may use his Electro-Graft to plug into data ports and commune with Machine-Spirits. The character recieves a +10 to Common Lore, Inquiry, and Tech-Use tests while connected to a data port.

Mechadendrite Use (Servo-Arm)- Allows for the use of a Servo-Arm mounted to the Cyber Mantle.

Autosanguine- The character is always considered Lightly Wounded and recovers two wounds per day.

Machine- The character is more resilient than fleshy folks. This trait allows Armor Points to apply to fire damage, and the character gains 1-5 Armor points per location (from The Flesh is Weak).

The Flesh is Weak x2- The character gains 1 Armor Point to each location for each rank of this talent taken.

Technical Knock- The character may touch any gun within range to unjam it as a half-action.

Bolter Drill- +1 to a personal bolter’s rate of fire when firing in Full or Semi-Auto mode.

Weapon-Tech- Once per combat, the character may add his Intelligence bonus to his own plasma, melta, power, or exotic weapon for one round.

Rapid Reload- Cuts the reload time of a weapon in half, rounding down.

Luminen Charge- Upon a successful Toughness test, the character may use his internal coils to power machinery. Whether or not the test is successful, the character must pass another Toughness test, or gain one level of fatigue.

Servo-Harness Integration- Various modifications made to the Techmarine’s cyber-mantle to allow for the usage of a Servo-Harness.

Armor-Monger- The Tech Marine spends one hour blessing and preparing his armor for battle. Upon completion of this task, the Tech Marine’s armor gains 2 AP to all regions for the duration of the mission.


Electro-Graft- Used to interface with machine data ports and commune with Machine-Spirits.

Electroo Inductors- Used to emit or syphon power in many ways.

Respirator Unit- Grants a +20 to tests to resist airborne toxins and gas weapons.

Cyber-Mantle- Serves as the anchorpoint for many implants, and allows the use of mechadendrites.

Potentia Coil- An implant cradled in the Cyber-Mantle that allows the storage of power.

Cranial Circuitry- Processors, implants, and circuits that enhances mental capabilities.

Exceptional Auger Array- An implant that functions exactly like an Auspex. Grants +20 to Awareness tests, and may make a Tech-Use test to spot things not normally detectable to humans. This Array also allows the character to re-roll perception-based tests using its functions.

Masterwork Astartes Servo-Harness- A cybernetic implant expands the capabilities of the Techmarine. At minimum, the Servo-Harness consists of two individual servo-arms, a Combi-Tool, a fyceline torch, and a plasma cutter. In addition, the Techmarine’s communion with the harness is so great that he may opt to spend a Reaction to make an attack with any arm on his harness. This masterwork servo-harness increases the Strength value of attached servo-arms to 85(x2), adds 2 damage, and attacks made with these servo-arms gain +10 Weapon Skill. Furthermore, the user gains a +5 bonus to all Skill, Weapon Skill, and Ballistic Skill tests involving said servo-arms.

Masterwork Bionic Arm- Having lost his arm to a volley of Necron warrior gauss fire, this battle-brother has recieved a new, much better one. This arm adds 10 to Strength tests and Tech-Use tests that involve delicate manipulation.

Mechinator Array- A entensive set of alterations made to the various augmetics of the user to improve overall effectiveness and durability. The user adds 10 to the Strength and Toughness characteristics, but his new appearance and bulkiness reduce his Agility and Fellowship by 5.


Watcher- A well-trained battle-brother is always aware of his surroundings and misses nothing that might give him an edge in battle or hint at impending danger. This distinction grants the battle-brother +10 to Perception based tests and +1 to Perception Bonus. Furthermore, the battle-brother may assist his comrades by allowing a single one within support range to re-roll Intelligence or Perception test once per encounter. (Gained from recovering the Iron Son’s stolen forge-tools completely intact.)

Forbidden Lore Distinction (Archeotech)- Battle-Brothers are far more than just warriors, and those that survive for long in the Imperium’s endless wars of conquest study the ways of their enemies and the secrets of the past to bolster their combat prowess. (Gained from effectively disabling a large portion of power to a Necron army.)


75 – Famed


33,150 – Rank 5


Solo Mode: Quick Reaction

(Rank 1) Character is considered to have the Lightning Reflexes Talent, allowing him to double his Agility Bonus for determining initiative.
(Rank 3) The character receives +10 to all Dodge tests.
(Rank 5) Character is considered to have the Rapid Reaction Talent, allowing him to make an Agility test to negate surprise.


Brother Valkamael (formerly Valkamael Sieroy) is a Techmarine of the Iron Sons chapter, and previously one of several caretakers of the three remaining dreadnoughts within the chapter. Like his battle-brothers, he possesses a strong bond with his comrades, particularly of those of the Iron Sons. This does not mean he overlooks battle-brothers of another chapter, however. To Brother Valkamael, all Space Marines serving the God-Emperor are his Brothers in Battle, and will ensure their weapons and armor are properly functioning and the machine spirits are appeased to keep his battle-brothers in the fight.

Brother Valkamael showed exceedingly high awareness and technical affinity, even as an initiate. His reaction and ability to respond to sudden or unexpected events was exceptional, even amongst the notoriously twitchy Iron Sons whose reflexes were honed from centuries of surprise attacks from all sorts of bloodthirsty beasts and xenos that dare strike against the battle-brothers in the veil of ash and death that enveloped the world. Furthermore, his mind was highly Analytical, capable of catching small details and assessing situations at lightning fast speeds, and applying knowledge gained from such to the task at hand. These traits served him well as he quickly made a name for himself amongst the Iron Fathers and Clan leaders. Having proven himself worthy of standing amongst his battle-brothers, he dropped his surname and donned the iron gray and dark red power armor of the chapter. Brother Valkamael was eager to join in the hunt of the traitorous Emperor’s Children that had taken their Primarch away from them.

However, almost immediately, Brother Valkamael was one of the battle-brothers chosen to train on Mars with the Adeptus Mechanicus. He was conflicted, as he yearned to do his part for Iron Sons in the hunts, but on the other hand was pleased at the opportunity to become closer to the machines that aided the Iron Sons in their battle. Granted, he had little choice in matter, but still dutifully accepted his role in the chapter. In the end, as he would later state, those thirty-odd years on Mars allowed him to help bring the full brunt of the fury of the Machine God against all who dared stand against the Iron Sons.

Upon completing the extensive instruction, Brother Valkamael returned to his chapter on the dead hive world of Xaletarus V, eager to reacquaint himself with the familiar ash-covered and blistering home world of the Iron Sons. He was assigned to the Sieroy Clan to help his battle-brothers maintain their weapons, armor, and support equipment. He served with the clan for some time, fighting alongside his battle-brothers on the multitude of worlds that the Emperor’s Children dare tread, and those that face annihilation by the foul xenos that lurked and spread throughout the expanse of the Imperium.

Brother Valkamael would continue this task until the call of the Ordos Xenos and the Deathwatch would bring him and several of his battle-brothers into the fold of the Inquisition. The Ordos Xenos selected him for a greater purpose, one he would not shirk. This dedication to his task eventually paid off; after a successful mission to recover the stolen Forge-Tools of the Iron Sons, and seeing the damage that could befall even the most powerful and sacred relics of the Imperium in several missions, Brother Valkamael elected to take his pursuit of maintaining equipment and appeasing the machine spirits within those even further. He soon became a Forge Master, his knowledge of the machines of the Imperium greater and more expansive than before.

If the enemies of the Imperium had been unaware of the power of the Machine-God and the God-Emperor, they would know now. Brother Valkamael would see to that.

Brother Valkamael

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