A gruff Apothecary Veteran from the Crimson Fist Chapter


WS: 52 * * *
BS: 56 * * *
S: 42 * *
T: 61 * * *
AG: 54 * *
I: 62 * * *
P: 56 * *
W: 58 *
F: 41

Rank: 4
HP: 22
Fate Points: 4
Renown: 56
Chapter demeanor: Stubborn
Personal demeanor: Resolute
Insanity points: 34
Corruption points: 8

Bolter with an attached chain bayonate (signature wargear)
Combat Knife (Shanking Tool)
Bolt Pistol

Narthecium Reductor
Diagnoster helmet: +10 medicae (signature wargear)
Power armor history: Death is joy

Medicae +20
Guardian of Purity
Armored Tactic
Hatred of Orks: +10 WS
Dodge (Trained)
Auto Saguine
Rapid Reload
Tech use (Basic)
Crimson Fist Peer
Sure Strike

Short comings:
Primarch curse: Suffer not Failure


Brother Wilhelm was one of the few inhabitance of Rynn’s World to impress Captain Cortez of bravery in the face of impossible odds of surviving a raging chemical fire that had started in a heavily worked factory center. When his company responded to the emergency broadcast of the factory, Captain Cortez saw to his amazement several citizens dashing into the raging chemical fire to help rescue their fellow workers to escape the fire. Most of the brave citizens who went back in to save their comrades were slain by the fire, that kept spreading dispite the many attempts to quell the flames, while others died from smoke inhalation. However Wilhelm was made of sterner stuff and was able to extract several times a dozen or so workers, before being held back from the fire by one of the Crimson Fist. His bravery and determination to try and save as many workers as he could inspired the Chaplain that was there during the action to induct Wilhelm into the Crimson Fist chapter. Soon afterwards his natural talent for healing and his over the line attitude of saving any battle brother from harm became apparent that it would be a wise solution to train Brother Wilhelm in the ways of the apothecary.
During WAAAAGH Snagrod, Brother Wilhelm was spared from dying along side his brothers in the fortress monastery; by recieving orders to go to the Capital to help prepare the civilian population for the storm that was about to hit the world. Ever since WAAGH Snagrod, Wilhelm’s feelings about ensuring his brothers safety has become something of hyper paranoia, since any time his chapter engages the Emperor’s enemy; Wilhelm will be found in the fore front of the fighting trying to kill anything that he deems a threat to his fellow brothers, anything that does meet this criteria will be met by a raging apothecary who’s brutal fury is that of a desperate man who has everything to lose if he does not give his all for his beloved chapter.

Interests: Healing his comrades, killing Orks, and serving the Emperor and mankind.

Goals: Ensuring the Crimson Fist Chapter’s survival, killing the hated Orks, tyranids, and the blue little devils (Tau)

Hated enemies: Orks, Tau, Tyranids, and Chaos

Right Leg
Brother Wilhelm lost his original right leg in heavy fighting against Tau Broad side defenders.
Left Eye
Brother Wilhelm lost his original left eye during the mission that required him and his fellow brothers to board a space hulk to recover invaluable information to the space wolves, during the mission the Death Watch team was ambushed by a hoard of genestealers. During the intense fighting brother Wilhelm was heavily wounded along with losing his left eye.

Imperial Laural: Earned during a search and rescue mission of elite Crimson Fist marines which was successful.

Apothecary symbol embolden: Earned during the intense fighting on a Tau world for recovering a fallen brother’s geneseed.

Diablo tooth necklace: Earned during the successful re-integration of a Feral World for the Imperium of man.

Apothecary symbol intertwine with Crimson Fist symbol: Earned during the intense fighting on the space hulk Jormagund, for ensuring that no brother would fall during the mission.


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