Westwood Deathwatch

August 19 2011 Session
The Defense of His Immortal Hand

The Kill Team

Brother Ligus
Brother Wilhelm
Brother Gregorius
Brother Valkamael
Brother Bertram


Brother-Captain Lothair summoned the Kill-Team to the briefing room of His Immortal Hand, the strike cruiser used by Lothair. He explained that they were en route to Atonement, the planet where the Kill-Team had previously discovered unknown alien monstrosities buried deep under the surface. The Tyranid threat posed by Hive Fleet Dagon was threatening to push ever forward, and the Kill-Team was desperately needed for Atonement’s defense.

Captain Lothair was interrupted, however, and called to the bridge. Moments later, alarms sounded throughout the ship calling for Action Stations. The Kill-Team rushed to the armory, and secured a few weapons to repel boarders. It was revealed that the foul warriors of the Death Guard were attacking.

The Kill-Team fought off several teams of Death Guard traitor marines who were attempting to board His Immortal Hand. After securing the ship, they were called to the bridge by Captain Lothair. The bridge had suffered heavy damage and much of the crew were dead, so the Kill-Team had to take up stations on the bridge to repel the Death Guard’s cruiser, the Luminous Necrosis.

The two vessels traded lance, macrobattery, and torpedo fire until the Chaos cruiser was destroyed. The proximity of the detonation caused debris to slam into His Immortal Hand, however, and the ship was thrown into the Warp with its Gellar field malfunctioning.

The situation immediately became more dire. The Kill-Team had to restore the Gellar field, or the ship and all of her crew would surely be lost to the eldritch horrors of the Empyrean! The corridors bent and twisted under the malign influence of the Immaterium, and daemon began to stalk in the shadows. Battling both the physical manifestations of Chaos as well as its more insidious effects, the Kill-Team was finally able to restore some semblance of order to the ship and cleanse it of most of the daemons.

One final challenge stood in their way, however: The ship’s shrine to the Immortal Emperor had been defiled. There, standing in all its pustulant, mind-rending glory was a Great Unclean One, a Greater Daemon of the Plaguefather. A desperate battle ensued, as the daemon seemed to shrug off most of the hits scored by the Kill-Team, and its perverse, sanity-blasting laughter sent the Battle-Brothers down a spiralling abyss of madness.

Finally, the Kill-Team was able to weaken the daemon and cast it back into the Warp from whence it came. His Immortal Hand would survive to fight the Emperor’s enemies another day, thanks to the Kill-Team’s efforts.


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