Tag: Tactical


  • Brother Valerius

    An experienced member of the Imperial Fists' 5th Company, Valerius was thought lost to a Tyranid onslaught before joining the Deathwatch. Valerius was a competent, well-rounded Space Marine, adept at all forms of combat. He spent years honing his skill …

  • Bertram

    Goals: 1. Armour of the Remorseless Crusader 2. Becoming a Champion Special. Killing the bloody daemon that got away in an earlier mission.

  • Brother- Sergeant Gregorius

    In most respects Gregorius is a typical Imperial Fist. Stubborn, disciplined, and completely unwilling to admit defeat. However, Gregorius takes this to the extreme. Totally intolerant of failure and weakness in his battle-brothers he can often have an …

  • Scout-Sergeant Kurro

    A normal Raven Guard in most respects Kurro possesses the white skin, black hair, and black eyes that are typical of the chapter. Often quiet, and possessive of a matter-of-fact attitude, Kurro has a knack for stealth and an intelligence that make him …