His Immortal Hand

His Immortal Hand is a large strike cruiser, nominally under the command of Brother-Captain Lothair as his mobile base of operations. From here, Captain Lothair coordinates the Kill-Teams under his command.

The cruiser is well-armed and well-equipped with Thunderhawk gunships, drop pods, and a reasonably extensive Deathwatch arsenal. Most equipment common to Deathwatch operations can be found in her armories, although it was deemed too dangerous to store any of the hallowed suits of Tactical Dreadnought armor aboard for long periods of time.

Notably, the Inquisition also maintains a presence aboard the ship. Nominally, it is to provide support and coordination between the two organizations in the form of a large contingent of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers. However, it is more likely that the Ordo Xenos simply wishes to keep tabs on this unorthodox deployment of its own Chamber-Militant.

His Immortal Hand was badly damaged in a major engagement with a Chaos cruiser, and is currently undergoing repairs.

His Immortal Hand

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