Paradiso IV

Paradiso IV is an Ork-held world within the Jericho Reach. It once was home to a great forge-city, but when the sector was originally abandoned by the Imperium, Paradiso IV was lost. In the millennia since, the shattered ecosystem has recovered and reclaimed the planet, growing over the ruins of the old cities and manufactoria. What was once a centre of Imperial industry is now quite literally an urban jungle.

Recently, however, the Orks have claimed Paradiso IV as their own. Making use of the old Imperial infrastructure, the greenskins have deployed a massive industrial base in a frighteningly short amount of time. Paradiso IV is now a major strategic base for the Orks, serving as both a rallying point and as a producer of weaponry and ordnance.

Currently, plans are under way to dislodge the Orks. A large planetary assault is being conducted against Paradiso IV, with the intention of disabling this Ork industrial centre for good.

Surveys report the ecosystem and environment as being generally benign. The flora, although plentiful, is largely harmless with only a few poisonous species. Fauna are more limited; only small lifeforms inhabit the jungle-like environments on the surface. Survey teams have not been able to catalogue the subterranean depths of the old forge infrastructure, however, and it is unknown to what extent the native life has taken hold there.

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Paradiso IV

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