Theta 817-II

Designation: Theta 817-II
Classification: Death-World
Environment: Mortis Terminus

WARNING: Survey data incomplete. Log of relevant operations follows:

  • 441.M41 – Rogue Trader Foral Maltun formally discoveres Theta 817-II.
  • 449.M41 – Adeptus Administratum assigns official designation.
  • 470.M41 – Initial survey reports; classification Death-World.
  • 552.M41 – Adeptus Mechanicus survey team dispatched to ascertain strategic value.
  • 561.M41 – Survey team arrives; first planetfall logged.
  • 561.M41 – Survey team relays initial explorator data. Environment extremely hazardous.
  • 561.M41 – Survey team relays second data packet. Unknown hostile xeno-species encountered.
  • 561.M41 – Contact with survey team lost. Status: Unknown.

Achillus Crusade vanguards have re-established contact with orbital survey platform. Unusual energy signatures detected from planet surface. All further contact with Theta 817-II forbidden by authority of [EXPUNGED], system-wide quarantine in effect.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Serve the Emperor today, tomorrow you may be dead.

Theta 817-II

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